Cheap health insurance is not a myth

Many people believe in some popular common myths about cheap health insurance plans, but these are based mostly on bad information and listening to hearsay. The truth is, decent independent health care is out there, and our site can help you find it.

Myth #1: You don't need coverage

Probably the largest myth surrounding health insurance is just how many people think they can go without it. The truth is, with skyrocketing medical costs, you really can't afford not to have insurance coverage. Accidents happen every day, even to people who don't often get sick or rarely visit the doctor. Just one broken leg from slipping on the ice and landing wrong can rack up thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills. Even cheap health insurance will cost much less in the long run than suffering a serious accident or illness while uninsured.

Myth #2: It's cheaper to purchase coverage through an employer

This one is really two myths, as it first assumes that all employers offer affordable health care plans. In reality, many employers simply don't offer those benefits to their workers. And of those who do have the opportunity for coverage under their employer's group plan, a large number find that rising health care and prescription costs have been passed on through their policies, and their premiums simply aren't affordable any more. Studies show that significant savings can be had (especially for those who are young and healthy) by purchasing individual coverage through an independent provider rather than choosing an employer's plan.

Another factor that drives employer health care costs up is that group plans are often bound by state health insurance mandates, which can insist that coverage be provided for many expensive procedures like in vitro fertilization or mental health care. The cost of including these items in the group policy often increases premiums far beyond what they would be if purchasing an individual plan that covers only what you need.

Myth #3: Even cheap health insurance is too expensive

Anyone who thinks they can't afford any health insurance coverage isn't looking hard enough. There are plans that cost less than $25 per week, but the plans that cost over a thousand dollars a month are the ones most often looked at. Whether single, a single parent, or wanting to provide coverage for an entire family, there are a wide range of choices in choosing health insurance, many of which provide the kind of cheap health insurance you might have thought didn't exist.

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Cheap health insurance is not a myth Cheap health insurance is not a myth »

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